Looking to spend a little more time outside, but noticing that you are coming in with tick bites every time you come back in? Ticks are tiny little bugs that can attach themselves to your skin at a moment’s notice, many people not even realizing there is a tick on them until they have already been bitten by one.

Ticks are small enough that they can be hard to see if you aren’t paying attention and actively checking yourself over for them. Just because you don’t currently see them doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, and knowing why the ticks are in your yard is the first step you can take towards getting them out of your yard.

The War Against Ticks

Keeping ticks and other annoying bugs (like mosquitoes) out of your yard is a constant and never-ending war. You’ll have the yard treated one month, and they will be back in force several months later. No solution is permanent, so keep that in mind when you are dealing with ticks in your yard.

Just because they’ll eventually come back doesn’t mean you’re helpless, though. You can begin to attempt to get ticks out of your yard by simply identifying where they might be hiding and trying to keep that area under control.

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For example, ticks love tall grass and standing water. Both of these areas can be a breeding ground for ticks, so it is always a good idea to keep your grass cut relatively low and any standing water, such as puddles or kiddie pools, cleaned up and out of the yard so the ticks won’t feel so welcome.

If you really want to put the hurt on the ticks for awhile, you can get in touch with commercial tick control columbus ga professionals, who will be more than happy to come out and treat your yard for ticks. Then, you can enjoy your yard for awhile without having to worry about the pests, but you’ll have to prepare to do it all again soon enough, because they never stay gone forever.